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Anthony and Jennifer were FANTASTIC. I had been paying a ton of money to the IRS since dec 2015 and the interest I had paid to them was insurmountable. Anthony was very persistent! I finally decided to give him a try as I was very skeptical from MY EXPERIENCE with TAX DEFENSE PARTNERS(i would never recommend them to anyone)and it was one of the BEST decisions of my life. they worked diligently with the IRS, which is very tedious and eliminated my interest I owed on my balance PLUS they are still working on eliminating what I paid in interest. on top of that they had my payment lowered by 614.00 GIVE THEM A TRY. Great, very professional people to work with and very very friendlyl

IRS Negotiations 

James U, Laporte IN

Nancy is an angel. She is sincere and efficient. These guys are the last honest tax help out there. I have dealt with a couple other firms who screwed me over and did not care about anything but getting paid. But not Tennex. Nancy gets the job done.

Steve Shanawany
San Jose, CA

I got much more then expected. Jennifer and Tennex Tax Solutions are very knowledgeable on all the IRS requirements. They filed my returns quickly and I received a nice refund. Thanks, Tennex 

Tax Returns

Dominick F, NY 

I would like to let you know how much I appreciate Brad & Anthony's assistance with my tax issues. I believe they should be applauded for their qualities. Brad has been able to calm me down when I have been stressed beyond imagination. He has been able to talk to me and make me feel at ease during all of our conversations. Every time I call him, he is very informed and informative of all that is going on with my situation. Even when I am wound up tighter than a drum Brad & Anthony remain very calm, never raise their voices, listens to my questions and comments and manages to put me back to being calm and confident of Tennex Tax Solutions ability to help me thru my tax issues. I truly believe Anthony and his staff should be commended for their commitment to to their client's.

Newburgh, NY
Martin Stein

I needed my returns filed very quickly to get approved for my mortgage. They were able to have them completed the same day. We also signed up with them for bookkeeping for our small business. Thanks, Anthony, Jennifer and your staff you rock!

Acccounting & Bookkeeping 

Thomas G, Sebastian FL

Tennex Tax Solutions did an amazing job with our taxes last year. Jennifer communicated with us every step of the way. Extremely professional. Tennex will definitely be doing our taxes for years to come.

Tax Returns

Alexa W, Palm Bay, FL 

Tennex Tax Solutions helped tremendously. They helped file all my missing returns, negotiated out an arrangement with the IRS that was affordable and removed a chunk of penalties. Thank you Mr. Francis and Tennex Tax Solutions 

Tax Returns & IRS Negotiations 

Justin W, VA

They are true tax professionals and I really appreciate their honesty. I would highly recommend them to anyone I know. They helped me with starting my Real Estate business and bookkeeping . 

Accounting & Bookkeeping 

Mathew S, Melbourne, FL 

Nancy, Thank you so very much. You have made me feel so much better. I appreciate the time and detail you have given me. The best thing that happened in all Of this was calling Tennex and getting matched with your experience and assistance. You have lifted a huge weight from my shoulders.

Dennis Work

Absolutely amazing....very easy to deal with...especially with so many uncertainties in dealing with a giant like the IRS. In my mind I call them the dream team. Very competent and professional...I would highly recommend them!

IRS Negotiations 

Tommy T, MD

Jennifer does what she says and says what she does. On-point, on schedule, on budget, quick to respond/answer questions, and with extremely reasonable fees. We are here to stay. Highly recommended!

Accounting & Bookkeeping 

David S

Working with Anthony and his team with Tennex Tax Solutions has been such a smooth & quick process from start to finish. They were very quick to respond with any questions Id had and were professional enough to explain everything step by step. I would and have recommended them to family and friends and will continue to do so. Thanks, Anthony!

Kymi Franklin 
Cocoa Beach, FL

Excellent team at Tennex! Very responsive, knowledgeable, and just really nice local people. They knew my specific questions and got me through another year of taxes with ease! Thank you

Roger Smith

I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude toward Nancy for the assistance that she has provided regarding my case so far. Nancy is exceptionally professional, great with communication and a genuine pleasure to speak with. I can tell that I am in good hands and am happy that I chose to go with Tennex to help solve my tax issue.

Sacramento, CA
Melissa Aldrige

I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude toward Brad and Nancy for the assistance they have provided regarding my complex tax case so far. Nancy is exceptionally professional, great with communication and a genuine pleasure to speak with. I can tell that I am in good hands and am happy that I chose to go with Tennex to help solve my tax issue.

Sarasota, FL
Matthew Rodriguez

From the moment I had my first consultation with Brad at Tennex Tax Solutions, I felt a sense of relief that they could actually help me remove the stress of my back taxes from my life. I owed almost 50,000 in back taxes due to divorce and trusting individuals to do my taxes that were not qualified. They gave me a monthly payment amount that was double for me it would allow me to still maintain my living arrangements. When I reached out with questions I received, if not immediately, by the next day a return phone call. Tennex Tax Solutions has given me a new lease on my life. I feel like from this point forward I can handle my affairs appropriately without falling behind with my taxes again and I can afford to live and be comfortable in my life with my grandchildren. Again I would recommend This firm to anyone who says they have tax issues.

Charlotte Moore
Daytona, FL

Nancy from Tennex Tax Solutions is compassionate, understanding, and hard working. She took my very stressful situation and turned it into a very hopeful situation. She is thorough, knowledgeable, and patient. Nancy told me everything she needed from me, put everything together quickly and placed me in a position to put a frighteningly difficult situation behind me. She always displayed patience even when I was being annoying and asking too many questions. I can' thank Nancy and Tennex Tax Solutions enough.

Tax Negotiations 
Rosario Puglionisi
Brooklyn, NY 

Just because you make a lot doesn’t mean you gotta pay a lot in taxes!! Yep I said it🤷‍♀️ Being in Real Estate, multiple businesses and in multiple states so I’m not an easy file. If you have a good plan, a good financial advisor and a hell of a CPA watching your back and a little legal advice….. Well let’s just say it REALLY HELPS!!! I’ve used the same advisor for years and adore him but I’ve had issues finding a great CPA, that can do everything I need. (A LOT FYI)😂 Anthony and his lovely wife Jenn took this challenge on for me. They have spent countless hours fixing a big ol mess, setting me up for success, jumping on conferences calls with trust attorneys and did I mention saving me a few hundred grand from what I thought I was going to pay!!! ‘SAY WHAT’ 💰💰💰 There have been some hiccups but they definitely hung in there and I look forward to working with them for years to come!!

Mandy Thomas 
Cocoa Beach, FL 

Thank you so much Nancy, Anthony, and Bradley for the outstanding job on my taxes and peace in my mind. Such an amazing team. I can not believe how fast and efficient the process was. Truly the very best! I was so stressed and nervous with my tax situation. One visit, and BAM, they handled my situation. I am super happy I choose them. This team has earned a repeat loyal customer from here on out. I will not use anyone else. Forever grateful and appreciative for a job well done by Tennex Tax Solutions.

Janet Rosado
Cocoa Beach, FL 

Nancy at Tennex Tax solutions was extremely kind, professional, and knowlageble and kept me updated throughout the entire process! I would like to Thank Anthony as well! I will continue to use Tennex Tax Solutions if I need them!

Dougals Wood
Miami, FL

I can’t begin to say enough good things about Tennex and there employees without them I would be up the famous creek without a paddle.. Thank you So Much Anthony Jen and Nanacy

Frank Carini
Vero Beach, FL 

I cannot say enough good things about Nancy. I was making no progress with my tax issues. Nancy communicates clearly and consistently. I am so grateful that they helped resolve my issue. I cannot recommend them high enough!

Kevin Maben 

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