Are you facing tax issues that are becoming overwhelming?

Here at Tennex Tax Solutions, we understand that life happens. As human beings, we sometimes find ourselves in tax trouble that we didn’t anticipate. We know that tax problems can be very scary, but we also have solutions! Whether you currently owe payroll taxes, have unfiled income tax returns, or have fallen out of your installment agreement, we can help rectify your tax dilemma. Our Tax Relief Program has provided not only solutions but also long-term relief. Without the stress and constraint of unresolved tax issues, we’ve seen clients finally be able to take on new opportunities, grow their businesses, and eliminate tax fears. Don’t hesitate to contact us today so we can get to work solving your tax problems. 

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Tennex Tax Solutions Process:

At Tennex, there is a verified process to IRS Problem Resolutions that works! Once you contact Tennex, here is the order of events:

1 ) Initial intake call:
When you call, you will speak with a compassionate team member who can ask some questions and give you an idea of what needs to happen. They will advise you on what resolution item you might qualify for, which is based on your financial situation.

2 ) Stay of Collections:
We immediately call the IRS to request a “Stay of Collections” so your wages and/or bank accounts won’t be levied (emptied!). They will generally give us 30 days, unless there have been extensions granted before.

3 ) Compliance Check During the initial call to the IRS, we also do a “Compliance Check” to see what your tax liabilities are and what tax returns need to be filed.

4 ) Transcripts:
We pull your “Wage and Income” and “Account” transcripts for each period in question.

5 ) Review returns:
We review any previously filed tax returns that could be inaccurate.

6 ) Amend returns:
We will amend any erroneous returns that have been filed.

7 ) Prepare returns:
We prepare and submit all unfiled returns. This sometimes takes the team effort of our bookkeeping and tax preparation departments working together to get your information compiled quickly. Since we specialize in solving tax problems, our team is skilled at working under strict IRS deadlines.

8 ) Determine Resolution At this point, we will have a better idea of how much you are going to owe and can start negotiating with the IRS to get you the best deal possible. Here are the options. They are based on your individual financial situation and ability to pay. Full Pay Installment Agreement Partial Pay Installment Agreement Currently Not Collectible Status Offer in Compromise (AKA Fresh Start Initiative)

9 ) Penalty Abatement:
We will determine if you are eligible for any penalty abatement and decide on the timing of the abatement request. 10) Lien Withdrawal If you meet the criteria for lien withdrawal, we will submit the request. Lien withdrawal differs substantially from lien release. When a lien is released, the validity of the lien is undeniable. However, when it is withdrawn, it is like a magic eraser. Your record looks as if it never happened and your financial life recovers much more quickly. Lenders always look for liens and increase your interest rate if you have had them.

++ Other issues
We work on any other issues that may be plaguing you such as:
Identity Theft
Audit Audit Reconsideration
IRS Errors
Trust Fund Penalty Defense
Lien Discharge
Lien Subordination
Innocent Spouse Relief
Injured Spouse Relief

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